Fragmentary entries of journals. Contents:

Scope and Content

Fragmentary entries of journals. Contents:

  • Photocopies from Skoob Review of extracts from Collected journals, 1936-42 (London: Skoob Books, 1991).
  • Photocopies of French translations of entries in journals from 17 Aug 1937 to 18 Oct 1937 published in La Nouvelle Revue Française, no. 357 (oct 1982).
  • Typescript of journal entries for 24 Sep 1937 and 2 Nov 1938.
  • Nine non-sequential leaves of proofs of Paris Journal, 1937-1939 (London: Enitharmon Press, 1978), with a book jacket.
  • ‘Early enthusiasm of a lapsed cinéaste. Entry for December 19th, 1941, in a wartime journal (revised)’, 1991? Typewritten, with manuscript amendments. Published in this form in Collected journals, 1936-42 (London: Skoob Books, 1991).
  • Manuscript of notebook from 29 Dec 1990 to 22 Jan 1991, and photocopy of published text from London Review of Books, 25 Jan 1996.
  • Notebook intended for a diary kept for publication in London Review of Books from 26 Sep 1995, with accompanying correspondence from Jeremy Harding of the London Review of Books’. The diary does not appear to have been maintained for more than a few days.
  • Notebook inscribed ‘1995 December: cahier for a while’. Maintained for one day, the rest of the notebook being blank.

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