Notebook ‘Livre d’essais’. Includes draft letters, 1991-1995, to Isabel Qui ... 

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Notebook ‘Livre d’essais’. Includes draft letters, 1991-1995, to Isabel Quigly, to Paul O’Keefe, to Shann Bradley, to Richard Samson of Oxford University Press, to Margaret Roll of D. C. Heath and Co, to Jeremy Hutchinson of the Elephant Trust, to the editor of The European, to George Steiner, to Stephen Stuart-Smith, to Christopher Driver of The Guardian, to Mimmo Morina, to M. Guiver of Salisbury Cathedral School, to Robert Winder of The Independent, to Ioan Iacobs, to Alan Jenkins of The Times Literary Supplement, to Lesley Anderson of St James’s Press, to Clive Frankish, to Anthea Morton-Sauer, to Roberto Sanesi, to Robert M. Greenfield, to F. M. Clark of the Royal Literary Fund, 1992 to Ian and Susan MacNiven, to Tom Doyle, to Joyce Naindraza (?), to Frédéric Dufourg, to Simon Lewis, to Lucien Jenkins, to Salah Stétié, to Alan Ross, to Patrick Dufourg, to Vivian Wright, to Jacques Réda, to Karl Gerard, translation of Edmond Jabès ‘The Farewell’, notes on the poetry of Elizabeth Smart, on Man Ray, Max Ernst, Octavio Paz, Marcel Duchamp and André Breton.

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