Correspondence of the Pension Fund Secretary

Scope and Content

This file contains correspondence of the Pension Fund Secretary, 1910-1920; Annual Reports, 1910-1912; and memoranda on various subjects, including the pensions of those serving in His Majesties Forces. The file also contains a draft trust deed of the Cadbury Bros proposed pension scheme, 1905; a trust deed and the rules of the pension scheme of the Great North Railway Co, 1906; a trust deed of the employees benefit fund of Lever Bros, 1904 (all printed); a bill of Parliament to confer powers on the North East Railway Co, for construction works and other purposes (including the establishment of a pension fund), 1905; a case for the opinion of counsel, 1905; the legal opinion of Howard Wright concerning the legality of the scheme especially with respect to the Trunk Acts, September 1905; draft rules; and also memorandum to employees in the Almond Paste Department concerning the Cocoa Works Councils, September 1916, revised February 1917.

Additional Information