Labour Directors's Records

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See also; Chairmen's Weekly Conference, minutes, 1922-1923, R/B3/1; Directors' and Managers' Conference, minutes, 1917-1922, R/B3/2/1-3; Organisation Committee minutes, 1966-1969, R/B3/5; Wage Conference, minutes, 1913-1920, R/B5/2/1-2; Wages and Employment Committee, minutes, 1920-1923, R/B5/3/1-2; Management Committee, minutes 1920-1921, R/B5/4/1-2; Economy Committee, minutes, 1930-1931, R/B5/7/1; Papers of Factory Manager, who was responsible for the functions of the Labour Division prior to c 1920, R/DP/F/1-12; Labour [Division] half yearly figures for budget and actual expenditure, R/DF/AA/33; Labour Department analysis of accounts, 1961-1962, R/DF/AA/39; File relating to the General Strike, 1926, R/B4/JBM/1; Gum Department Substitution Committee (relating to the substitution of women for men), minutes, 19289-1936, R/DP/PG/2; Papers relating to labour policy within the company have been listed under the Labour Manager

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