Board Committees


In January 1920 the following Board Committees were established: Transfer and Seal Committee (subsumed into Finance Committee 1921); Finance Committee; Wages and Employment Committee; Management Committee; Sales and Advertising Committee; Purchasing Committee; Engineering, Building and Estates Committee (subsumed into Management Committee 1921). In 1923 all the Board Committees became known as Advisory Committees under the Director in charge of the appropriate Division.

Related Material

See also Records of committees reporting to the Chairman of the Board, R/B3; Papers relating to the Donations sub-committee, 1962-1967, R/DH/SC/26-28; Minutes and papers of Advisory Grading Committee, 1928-1930,R/DH/OO/22-24; Reports of Purchasing Committee, 1919-1922, R/DF/P/1/1-4

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