Letter from Dorothy Dinah Wilson

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'My dear Caroline,

I had the Pleasure of making one in a large and very pleasant Party to the Castle Howard the other day, to whom your Mother was so kind as to give a most hospitable Breakfast and Dinner. She gave me your Music Books to bring to York, and as she was so much occupied with her Company to write herself, she commissioned me when I forwarded them to address a few lines to you.

I have great Pleasure in acquainting you that she & Miss Kimber were quite well and both in exceeding good Spirits, Miss Kimber assured me that your Mother had not been at all low since her Return to Ganthorpe. Indeed I trust the Conviction of its being so absolutely necessary for you to be

some Time absent from her in Order that you may make the Attainments & enter into the Society suitable to your Age and Station in Life, will entirely reconcile her to being separated from you, although her very tender Affection excited so much Anxiety during the few days we were at Doncaster. I can have no doubt my dear Caroline of your good Sense determining you to take every possible advantage of the Opportunities which now surround you of improving in Mind, Accomplishments and Manners. You have hitherto been regarded only as a Child, but Womanhood is fast approaching and you know it is the Duty of all who are growing up to endeavour to qualify themselves, for being useful in the Rank of Life in which we are placed. The more we learn, the more Power we have of being useful and agreeable to others, and I can truly assure you there is no selfish Pleasure so great as that of contributing to the Comfort of others.

I need not remind you how wholly your Mother’s Happiness depends on your, and your Brother’s good Conduct. For myself I can assure you I shall watch all your Improvements with great Pleasure.

Believe me, with love to Rose Best your truly affec te D.D. Wilson

The Bible of which my Father begs your Acceptance Accompanies the Music Books.'

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