Press cuttings

Scope and Content

Chronological summary of key press cuttings and main events covered:


*Jill Tweedie introduces The Women's Peace Camp outside Royal Air Force (RAF) Greenham Common to Guardian readers, two and a half months after formation of the camp in protest of the imminent arrival of United States of America (USA) nuclear (cruise) missiles at Greenham Common.


First mention of the camp being for women only. First reports of evictions, arrests, court appearances and imprisonment. Introduction to non-violent protest.

*Observer colour feature on the 'Greenham Women' (12 Dec).

'Embrace the Base' protest, with estimates of 10-31,000 women linking hands around the base fence (12 Dec).

*Debate in Guardian letters page on the exclusion of men at the camp.

*Attempt to prevent 20 women from registering their vote with the camp as their address.


*44 women charged after breaking into the Greenham Common base and dancing on top of a silo.

*Debate between Joan Ruddock (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) Chairperson), Helen John (founder member of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp) and Sally Davison (national organiser of CND), on likely developments in the peace movement.

*Michael Heseltine 'jostled' by peace campaigners at nearby council offices (8 Feb).

*Newbury District Council publishes a new set of bylaws in an attempt to abolish the camp.

*7,000 women protest at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) against the deployment of cruise and Pershing nuclear missiles.

*Jane Hickman represents some of the women at the High Court against Newbury District Council. The council is awarded an injunction against the women returning to the common on the controversial grounds that only 70 official commoners have right of access to the common (11 Mar).

*Lady Olga Maitland forms Women for Defence, a Conservative pro peace, pro cruise organisation.

*Janet Radcliffe (Richards) asks 'why women should have the monopoly on virtue?' (10 May)

*Tony Benn MP appeals to the Prime Minister to end camp violence.

*The camp adopts a dragon as their symbol.

The camp concedes that cruise will arrive. The number of women at the camp rises to 1,000.

*Profile of six women at the camp: Carola Addington, Hilary Breakwell, Jane Dennett, Sarah Hipperson, Jo Page, Sharon Ross.

The camp is sabotaged by 'vigilantes'.