1991 - 10th Birthday

Scope and Content

* Spring /Jun flowers by the Sanctuary (yellow irises, gorse, daffodils, tulips). 8 photographs

* Aug 1991 Salisbury Plain walk.

* Sep 1991, Visit of Kazuto, Fu and Chieko: includes visit to Imber Village Church;

* 5 Sep 1991, Trespassing in the Base, includes: a rear view of a journalist from 'The Independent' trespassing; Hanger 303;

* Sep 1991, The Gate with banners on the 10th birthday

* Sep 1991, 'Our History is recorded in our Newsletters' Image

* Sep 1991, Frances Vigas photograph of 3 [Japanese?] women in front of banners.

* Sep 1991, Visiting Janet at Pucklechurch

* 1991 Hyde Park 'No War' rally, Greenham banner

* Yellow Gate 10th Anniversary in winter

* Aug 1991 Ethel by 'Yellow Gate The Struggle Continues' Banner