Banners - With Slogans

Scope and Content

* 'Women's Peace Camp Greenham Common / Where's the Peace Dividend / Unlock Defence Budget to Benefit us all Trident Costs £33 Billion. STOP TRIDENT' banners. (6 photographs )

* Trafalgar Square 'Trident Means £37 Billion 480 Million Dead no Future' banner (2 photographs )

* 'Freedom for Tooting'; 'Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament'; 'Women say no to War preparations'

* 'Women for peace on Earth'

* ''You are worth too much to support weapons'

* 'Peace Camp'

* 'In memory of Helen Thomas, killed on 5 Aug 1989 by a Police Horsebox er cof annwyi';

* 'For £10 billion - £1400000per day 512 Trident Nuclear War heads in need of an enemy';

* 'When Hiroshima is spoken of no gentle reply may be heard, Can arms not be discarded and garrison bases removed?';

* 'Major Kinnock Bush Hussein All war mongering politicians - HM the Queen - Blood on Your Hands! Yellow Gate 10 years of non-violent struggle.

* 'US/USSR/UK warmongers - women of the world are watching [we] demand Peace & Justice not more wars [??] of the Middle East'; [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)]

* 'That whenever any form of government becomes destructive it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it .... from The Declaration of Independence of America'.

* Greenham for a Miners' Victory. We will stand the struggle through'.

* 'CND rejects autonomous non-aligned anti racist Greenham'; CND national Council is all white again'. [protesters at a CND conference].

Geographical Names