Scope and Content

1. Richard Evans of Mahembed [?Machymbyd], co. Denbigh, gent.

2. Piers Thomas of the same, gent.

Gift of the moiety of a messuage or tenement (viz. the lower rooms in the lower and thereof) and the moiety of a garden belonging thereto, together with three closes called Kay Weberton, kay y Weirgloth and y Bank, all in Maghembeth, alias Mahembed [?Machymbyd] in the commote of Kymmergh [Cinmeirch], co. Denbigh, being part of a messuage, lands and tenements purchased from the king by George Geere and Tobias Mathew of London. gent. and sold by them to 1. To be held of the king as of his Castle of Denbigh by fealty only in free and common soccage, paying yearly at the Receipt of the Exchequer the sum of 4s.