Scope and Content

1. Gruffith Kiffyn of Llanddogett, co. Denbigh, clerk, and Agnes Salusbury of the same, guardians in soccage of the body and lands of Robert ap Howell, an infant under age.

2.Morice Kiffyn of Maynan, co Caernarfon, gent.

Settlement made before the marriage of the said Robert ap Howell and Agnes Kiffyn, daughter of 2.

(i) 1. to occupy and enjoy the lands of the said Robert for as lomg as he is under age, except one parcel called ynys yroyve and a tenement where one John ap Ievan ap Rees now dwells which 1. agree to deliver to Robert at the sealing of the present deed together with 6s.8d. in lands or money yearly;

(ii) 2. agrees that he will cause Robert to agree to assign to the said Agnes as much of the said lands for her third part as one Llyky verch Gruffith, Robert's grandmother, had, together with two parcels of land called kaye gwyn and kytcoed;

(iii) in consequence thereof, 1. agree to give to Robert a tenement in Llanddogett [Llanddoged] which was part and parcel of the third part of the said Llyky, and if the exchange is prejudicial to Robert, they agree to stand by the award of Piers Salusbury of Llyweny.

(iv) 2. agrees to deliver to Robert and Agnes when they set up house themselves 8 kine with calves, 4 oxen, 2 labouring horses, 40 sheep and 5 marks in money, with a couple of beds and 'honest clothing' to the said Agnes;and at Michaelmas next after, to deliver to them 6 heiffers in calf.