Scope and Content

1. Engharate verch Edwards of Scrogennan, co. Denbigh, widow.

2. Maurice Kyffin, gent.

Gift of six parcels of land lying in a place called Dole y Scrogennan in the parish of Llanddoget [Llanddoged], three of which lie in a place called yr Erowy koghion and are called yr Erow gam, yr Erow goz and yr Erow ver; the fourth lies in a place called y Ddole lase and is called y Dryll glase, and the remaining two parcels, called ynysoedd Rees ap David ap Howell lie in length between the lands of 2. called Kemlyn Meybion Rees ap Gwylym, his lands called ynysoedd Howell ap Llewelin, and the lands of Robert ap Howell called llydanllyn on one side, and the lands of the said Robert ap Howell called ynes yr hoyve on the other side.