Drafts, publications and lectures

Scope and Content

Material from 1933-1996, received in 1997
This material was received from Professor B.J. Hiley, via Birkbeck, University of London, in 1997.We would also like to thanks Dr Olival Freire Jr for his advice and making available photocopies of material held in Brazil.

Section B: Drafts, publications, lectures (B1-B82)
There are drafts by Bohm of papers and lectures, mostly unpublished, including some drafts on quantum theory, although the bulk are of a philosophical nature. There are also copies of a few of his published works and book reviews by others of Bohm's work and drafts by F.D. Peat drawing on Bohm's work which were found with the papers.

Supplementary catalogue - material from 1933 - 2005, received in 2006
This material was received from Professor B.J. Hiley, via Birkbeck College London, in November 2006.
This material, which spans 1933-2005, forms a valuable additional resource for the study of Bohm's life and thought. There are some documents that directly relate to material presented in the 1997 catalogue outline above. The catalogue entries in this volume have been numbered to follow on from the earlier catalogue.

Section B: Drafts, publications and lectures (B83-B192)
This supplementary catalogue is covers the period 1951 to 1998. Of particular note is the further material presented on the themes of wholeness and fragmentation and the implicate order. The section also presents significant documentation of Bohm's ideas in quantum theory. Drafts by Bohm include series of lectures 'On plasma physics', delivered at the University of Rome in May 1958 and on 'General theory of collective coordinates', University of Bristol, about the same date. Bohm's wider vision is documented in papers delivered at various meetings, such as 'An inquiry into the function of language and thought' (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, March, 1971), 'Insight, imagination, reason and the nature of knowledge' and 'Consciousness' (Syracuse University, September 1982), and 'Fragmentation and wholeness' (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, Switzerland, 1986). The coverage of Bohm's published output in the original catalogue was rather thin; this catalogue presents significantly more material documenting his publications. It includes articles on quantum theory from the 1950s onwards, drafts of Causality and Chance in Modern Physics (1957) and the final chapter of Wholeness and the lmplicate Order (1980), and a posthumously published work 'Cosmos, Matter, Life and Consciousness', in The Spirit of Science. From Experiment to Experience, 1998 from a lecture originally given in 1983.