Bundle of correspondence

Scope and Content


  • letter from G. Hollingworth; letter from WBD to Hollingworth re French coal data, 1907.
  • letter from WBD to Arthur Burr re consulting Hollingworth on Waldershare, 1907.
  • Four letters from WBD to Kent Coal Concessions re his work for them; Memo of Agreement between WBD and Kent Coal Concessions, 1907.
  • Four letters from solicitors re WBD, Kent Coal Concessions and his resignation, 1907.
  • letter from Kent Coal Concessions' solicitors re publishing ban, 1907.
  • Four letters from Mr Winstanley re visit to Fredville boring, 1907.
  • letter from Bristol Museum re coal information, 1907.
  • two letters from Lille University re coal samples, 1907.
  • letter from A. Burr re need for finances, 1907.