Lease and Release: to lead to a Common Recovery (i) Roper Dawson of Hull, gent., eldest son and heir of George Dawson of North Ferriby esq., dec'd (ii) Thomas Newsome of Greys Inn, gent. (iii) Richard Winchester of Hull, gent.

Scope and Content

Messuage, close, 14 ac. 3 stengs in the North Field, 14 ac. 3 stengs in the South Field, 2 beastgates in South Carr, common for 4 beasts in North Carr 'accounted six acres', 2 beastgates in North Leys, 8 ac. meadow in the Rouths, and 1 ac. meadow in North Carr. Capital messuage in North Ferriby with garths, 2 Cockerill hill Closes alias Church Close, Dunstall Close or Common Close, 120 ac. arable and 19 1/2 ac. meadow in Wold Ings: To use of Roper Dawson. Witn. Michael Cooper, Richard Beatniffe

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