Miscellaneous documents for Hull and the East Riding received from the British Records Association

Scope and Content

This large collection of items relating to Hull and the East Riding is catalogued with a single numeric system, though embedded inside the collection along with the miscellaneous items are a number of discrete bundles of papers relating to particular places and families. Perhaps the highlights are large numbers of miscellaneous papers for Cottingham including manorial records, a batch of papers for Sunk Island and an entire series of original bundles of title deed material relating to the estates of the St Quintin family of Harpham and Scampston. Most of the collection is composed of title and estate papers, though there is also the account book of Lady Elizabeth Wenlock 1852-63 and the early business records of Isaac Reckitt 1818-1855.

The papers will now be described in detail in (artificial) numeric blocks. U DRA/1-36 comprises miscellaneous papers including manorial records (surrenders and admissions) for Cottingham, the marriage settlements of Richard Robinson and Jane Ackroyd (1656), Humphrey Robinson and Rebecca Moore (1690) and George Dawson and Dorothy Heaton (1738) and the wills of James Thomas Hill (1872).

U DRA/37-260 comprises miscellaneous estate papers, including many for Henry Etherington and his family, for Cottingham (including manorial records and papers relating to Benjamin Blaydes Haworth of Hull Bank House), Hollym (including some papers for the Coniston family), Hull, Kirk Ella, North Ferriby (including a schedule of lands belonging to Henry Etherinton in 1795), Patrington (including some surrenders and admissions in Patrington manor and the manor of Patrington rectory and the Patrington Enclosure Act of 1766), Tupcoates with Myton, various townships, West Riding of Yorkshire and a few other miscellaneous items which include notes on the Etherington family, some lawyers' accounts of Henry Etherington and the will of George Dawson (1738).

U DRA/261-282 comprises miscellaneous items including some papers of the Fishwick family, the will of John Banks and abstracts of title for Robert Carlisle Broadley 1727-1796, Thomas Riddell 1736-1801, Charles Mountain 1737-1812, Oswald Grimston 1747-1821, James Walker 1759-1830, Elizabeth Smith 1773-1819 and John Pearson for land and a warehouse in Sculcoates in 1818.

U DRA/283-327 comprises miscellaneous estate papers including papers of the family of Timothy Reeves and surrenders and admissions in the manor of Tupcoates with Myton 1792-1880.

U DRA/328-422 includes more varied miscellaneous material including a list of sequestered estates in Hull in 1655, genealogical material for the Etherington family including a pedigree (17th cent-19th cent) and a probate copy of the will of Henry Etherington of Hull and Ferriby (1819), some papers of the Welbourne family from the 17th cent. including the marriage settlement of John Johnson and Frances Welbourne (1650) and an inventory of the goods of Margaret Welbourne (1675), some 17th century papers of the Hoggard family including the probate copy of the will of Helen Hoggard of Muston (1682) and her inventory (1683), some 17th century papers of the Burton family including baptism certificates and sale documents, some material for families of Buckton and Bempton including the marriage settlement of George Agars and Mary Watson (1699) and the will of Magdalan Vickerman (1718) and the admission of John Bell as burgess of Scarborough.

U DRA/422-502 comprises miscellaneous estate papers which include the wills of Thomas Strickland (1685), Ursula Blomberg (1773), Nicholas Twigge (1801) and James Mander (1828), the marriage settlement of James Stovin and Susanna Carville (1785), an early 19th cent. plan of the estate at Melton of J P Robinson, a pedigree of the Lindley family c.1700-1760, some papers of Henry Waterland, some papers about Keyingham including surrenders and admissions in Burstwick manor court 1681-1760 and some surrenders and admissions in the manor court of Patrington 1662-1751. U DRA/503-526 comprises estate papers including some 17th cent. papers of the King family, some papers about Bridlington in the 19th cent. and the marriage settlements of John Pearson and Sarah Turnell (1790) and Philip Danby and Mary Halliwell (1700).

U DRA/527-543 comprises papers about Sunk Island including a crown lease of 1675 and another of 1804, 18th cent. plans of Sunk Island, accounts and rentals of Thomas Jackson (1818-1824), the marriage settlement of John Lonsdale and Elizabeth Steer (1785) and the wills of Robert Fretwell (1791) and John Lonsdale (1805). U DRA/544-548 comprises miscellaneous material about Tunstall 1789-1822. DRA/549-603 comprises estate papers including the earliest papers in the collection. These are title deeds of the Gilbertine Priory and Convent of Ellerton 13th century-1350 and 1538. Also in this section are more 17th cent. papers of the Robinson family of Thicket including a probate copy of the will of Anne Robinson 1636 and letters patent granting a general pardon to Richard Robinson in 1661. There are some papers of the Arthur family including the will of William Arthur (1619).

U DRA/604 is a single account book of Lady Elizabeth Wenlock (nee Grosvenor; d.1899) spanning the dates 1852-1863 (see separate entry on the Forbes-Adam family papers for related material and family history, especially in U DDFA[3]).

U DRA/605-615 are papers relating to a messuage in Market Place, Hull, at the north end of Church Lane 1558-1743 and they include the wills of Melchior Applyne (1591), Anthony Iveson (1696) and Philadelphia Newton (1743). U DRA/616-617 are miscellaneous estate papers.

U DRA/618-629 comprise the records of the early nineteenth century milling business of Isaac Reckitt (1796-1862), who founded Reckitt & Sons in Hull in 1840. The papers give a quite comprehensive picture of the early mercantile and milling business of Reckitt in Boston, Lincolnshire, and later in Nottingham. They comprise six cash books covering the period 1818-1832; flour account books 1833-1838; bone account books 1830-1835; Reckitt's ledgers as a wool merchant in Boston 1830-1835 and as a corn factor at Nottingham 1834-1840; his sack account book as a miller at Nottingham 1833-1839; his shop acount book from Nottingham 1833-1840 and a few wheat and other accounts which post-date the setting up of Reckitt & Sons in Hull, from the early 1850s.

U DRA/630-636 contains miscellaneous material including an abstract of title of the rectory of Foston 1678-1819 and the manuscript poem 'The New Chevy Chase' dated 1802. A large number of estate papers follow from U DRA/637-874 for the following places: Asselby (1752-1844) including submissions in Howden manor court about a farm; Barlby (1661-1700); Barmby on the Marsh (1730-1760); Bellasize (1727); Bennetland and Bishopsoil (1772, 1791); Beverley (1763) being the certificate of Thomas Oxtaby as burgess; Bielby (1844-1850) including an abstract of the will of Robert Hill (1845); Bishop Wilton (1680, 1726); Blacktoft (1722-1777); Bridlington (1849); Broomfleet (1731); Bubwith (1722, 1843); Burnby (1724-1741); Catton (1835) being an appeal against the poor rate; Cliffe cum Lund (1722-1843); Drax (1718); Driffield (1883) being a petition to the House of Lords against the cattle market; East Cottingwith (1829); Eastrington (1680-1796) including surrenders and admissions in Howden manor court; Faxfleet (1651-1781); Foggathorpe (1696-1790) including an abstract of the title of Barnard Clarkson to a moiety of the tithes of a farm; Fulford (1682-1839) including an abstract of the title of Anne Bingley of Fulford Grange and the title of the New Union Building Society; Gilberdyke (1678-1841); Hemingborough (1619-1629); Hive (1709-1732); Holme upon Spalding Moor (1743-1843); Howden (1626-1851) including a few papers of the Dunn family and the surrender of Brantingham by the Broadley family in 1793; Kilham (1621, 1836); Kilpin (1665-1842) including a few papers of the Dunn family; Knedlington (1636-1779); Laxton (1843); Lelley (1786); Nafferton (1711); North Driffield (1759-1811) including letters of administration of the estate of John Laverack in 1811; Owsthorpe (1633-1708); Paull (1811-1817) being documents about the glebe terrier and the vicarage; Reedness and Swinefleet (1689); Riccall (1784); Saltmarsh (1733-1781); Scampston (1810) being the affadavit of Charles Watson of York architect; Seaton Ross (1714); Skelton (1651-1731); Skirlaugh (1826); South Cave (1814); Spaldington (1843); Spurn Point (1695-1705); Sutton in Holderness (1743); Swine (1840); Turnham Hall (1722); Walkington Provost Fee (1740); Warter (1632); Wressle (1791); Yokefleet (1733, 1794); various townships (1687-1792).

U DRA/875-895 comprises bonds (1795-1842) and U DRA/895-900 is correspondence including conveyances and offers of sales. U DRA/901-925 comprises miscellaneous material dating from the 17th cent.to 1842 and includes papers for the Harper family, extracts of the Burnby parish registers 1708-1723 and papers of 1821 about the will of John Blanshard in 1807. U DRA/926-932 comprises settlements (1661-1837). DRA/933-969 comprises wills as follows: John Smyth (1686); William Adams (1683); George Edmunds (1704); John Simpson (1711); Robert Bateman (1712); Edward Harper (1713); William Mantle (1721); Robert Athorpe (1721); Thominson Nicholson (1723); Thomas Hessay (1724); William Harper (1728); John Bullen (1735); John Awdus (1740); Thomas Blanshard (1740); George Smith (1742); Anthony Chapman (1744); Thomas Bursey (1748); Thomas Chapman (1754); George Teaty (1756); William Lolley (1756); Margaret Wilson (1758); John Coats (1757); Thomas Brigham (1762); Joseph Clemit (1766); Robert Dunn (1770); Robert Coggrave (1775); Joseph Berry (1783); John Blossom (1783); John Hepton (1780); Ann Elizabeth Broadley (1787); Thomas Carter (1795); Matthew Beilby (1796); William Martin (1829); John Stokes (1832); George Cholmley (1832) and John Inman (1840).

U DRA/970-975 comprises miscellaneous material (1816-1872) including the marriage settlement of Henry Francis Skeet and Ann Somerscales (1830). U DRA/976-1010 is miscellaneous material (1559-1928) and includes some surrenders and admissions in Broomfleet manor court and Faxfleet, an abstract of the title of John Ackam (1781-1826), some eighteenth cent. Quaker material for the North Cave and Scarborough Monthly Meetings, the marriage settlement of John Craven and Elizabeth Delachamp (1708) and the wills of John Wheatcroft (1763) and William Purden (1789).

U DRA/1011-1017 is an original bundle of documents relating to Ellerker and South Cave (1810-1892). U DRA/1018-1067 is miscellaneous material (1654-1885) including title papers for land in the Howden, Eastrington and Kirk Ella areas and includes papers of the Spofforth family and the wills of John Ward (1846), Thomas Almack (1839), William Beilby (1816), Thomas Jewitt (1792) and William Archer (1670). U DRA/1068-1074 is an original bundle of papers relating to the 1880 East Riding elections and includes posters, correspondence and a register of voters in Bubwith. U DRA/1075 comprises a file of surrenders and admissions in the manor court of Ruston Parva (1595-1728).

The remainder of this large collection is a series of original bundles relating to estates of the St Quintin family (see separate entry for related material and family history) and they appear as follows: U DRA/1075-1087 (1612-1794) being the Thurnholme title deeds with some papers of the Conyers family included as well as the 1765 deed for the manor of Harpham and the wills of William St Quintin (1723) and William St Quintin (1768); U DRA/1088-1114 (1652-1795) being the title deeds for Ruston and including a 1795 valuation; DRA/1115-1136 (1692-1765) being estate papers for Scampston and including the marriage settlement of John and Mary Hustler (1708); U DRA/1137-1146 (1699-1812) being papers for Scagglethorpe and Rillington and including papers about the enclosure of Rillington and the marriage settlement of John Greame and Mary Taylor (1699); U DRA/1147-1164 (1711-1758) which includes the marriage settlement of Edward Dry and Abigail Thorley; U DRA/1165-1169 (1718-1722) being papers about the tithes of William St Quintin and Sir Griffith Boynton; U DRA/1170-1172 (1723-1822) being two abstracts of title of the St Quintin family to Little Ruston; U DRA/1173-1176 (1730-1823) being papers for Thorpe Bassett including the will of Mary Dring (1730); U DRA/1177-1182 (1767-1836) which has miscellaneous papers such as a navigation act of 1767, papers about the East Yorkshire militia and an 1828 estimate for painting and wallpapering Scampston Hall; DRA/1183-1186 (1767-1783) being mortgages for the manor of Harpham; U DRA/1187-1194 (1792-1822) being title deeds for North Frodingham and including the will of John Hanchett (1815); U DRA/1195-1201 (1802-1829) being papers about land near Scampston manor house and including an insurance policy for 'The Hull' sailing from London to Malton; U DRA/1202-1203 (1804-1816) being papers about the Scampston estates; U DRA/1204 (1811-1820) being about tithes; U DRA/1205 (1813-1814) being the papers in a Chancery suit; U DRA/1206-1208 (1820) being title deeds and U RA/1209 being a summary list of the St Quintin documents in the collection.

This collection contains items in both English and Latin.

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The British Records Association is a registered charity with subscribing members that was founded in 1931. Amongst its other activities, it collects documents and distributes them to appropriate repositories.

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The BRA began to donate records to the University in the 1940s.

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