Correspondence and papers

Scope and Content

Correspondence, publications, minutes, press cuttings and papers on the Indian campaigns collected by the secretary of the British Committee for the Abolition of the International Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice. The campaigns at this time focussed on 'white slave traffic' and prostitution tolerated in municipalities

The principal correspondent is Dr Helen Wilson who was secretary of the Committee during the period c.1912-1917. The majority of the material in this file dates from 1913-1916. It is supplemented by two Bills of 1923. For papers relating to the campaigns of Mrs Katherine Dixon, see GB 106 AMS/C/04/02 and GB 106 AMS/C/04/03.


- notes and correspondence relating to parliamentary questions about the Protection of Women and Girls Bill, 1913

- copies of letters concerning pamphlet 'Our army in India and regulation of vice', 1913

- notes and correspondence relating to the International Congress for the Suppression of White Slave Traffic and WC Madge's White Slave Traffic Bill, 1913

- minutes and agenda of Joint Committee on India (11 Nov 1913)

- correspondence between Secretary and India Office re consideration of the amendment Bills, 1914

- correspondence and article on Indian cantonments by Wirt W Hallam (Secretary, Illinois Vigilance Association) and response by Claude Moore

- correspondence from Rev Herbert Anderson (Calcutta Vigilance Committee) re prostitution in Bengal including notes on 'prostitution among Jewesses in India', 1916

- correspondence with Governor of Madras re tolerance of public brothels in municipality, 1916


- pamphlet 'The Indian Criminal Law and Procedure (Amendment) Bill' 1913

- pamphlet 'Annexure to Bill to make further provision for the protection of Women and Girls and other puposes'. Government of India Legislative Department, 1912

- pamphlet 'A Bill further to amend the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. (The Hon'ble Sir Reginald Craddock.)' Government of India Legislative Department, 1912

- 'A Bill to suppress importation of foreign prostitution and punish importers profiting thereby' (manuscript notes)

- printed letter to the Secretary to the Government of Bengal concerning WC Madge's white slave traffic bill, 1912

- page from 'The Indian Social Reformer' on 'Protection of minor girls', 1913

- pamphlet 'The Calcutta Suppression of Immoral Traffic Bill, 1923'. Government of Bengal Legislative Department, 12 Jan 1923

- pamphlet 'Bombay Act No XI of 1923, an Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to Prostitution in the City of Bombay', 27 Oct 1923

Press cuttings:

- 'The white slave traffic' from 'The Manchester Guardian' dated 2 Jul 1913