Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights associated material: Minority Rights Group; Interights; Liberty; Human Rights Network

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- 'Western Europe's Migrant Workers', report no 28, Minority Rights Group (inserted material concerning the 'Rights campaign' in 1985, newsletter of the Minority Rights Group, Sep 1984 and other leaflets)

- pamphlet 'Children: Rights and Responsibilities', The Minority Rights Group Report no 69, 1985

- leaflet 'Outsider' newsletter of the Minority Rights Group no 22, Dec 1985 (with notes of meeting of Human Rights Network inserted)

- 'Interights bulletin' vol 1 nos 1-4, 1985-1986; vol 8 no 1, 1994

- leaflet 'Talking Liberties' National Conference held on 13 Nov 1993 organised by National Council of Civil Liberties

- agenda and circulars for meetings of the Human Rights Network (1986 and 1988)

- correspondence about and carbon copy of contribution to the Human Rights Network by the Josephine Butler Society (1979)

- circulars on the future structure of the network in 1979

- minutes of the meeting of Human Rights Network held on 10 Jan 1989 with appendices

- pamphlet 'Human Rights Network. Mailing list of organisations', Nov 1988

- pamphlet 'Huridocs (Human Rights Information and Documentation System). Provisional list of organisations serial numbers and acronyms', 1984

- 'Submission to the High Level Appraisal Group on the Future of the Commonwealth in the 1990s and beyond', Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Apr 1990