Women in the European Community in regard to prostitution

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence with Baroness Elles MEP on proposed resolution on violence against women with explanations (May 1986)

- 'European Parliament Working Documents. Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Women's Rights on violence against women' (20 May 1986) (sections on trafficking in women, prostitution, pornography)

- copy of paper for colloquy on 'Equality of men and women in the law relating to prostitution' held at Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg on 18-19 Nov 1986

- papers relating to a welcome visit to women from Spain and Portugal after these countries joined the European Community in 1986

- extract from 'News and views' Nov 1986 on European Parliament : Women's Rights Committee by Joyce Ansell

- election leaflet for Pauline Green

- photocopy of leaflet for Second World Whore Congress 1-3 Oct 1986 held in Brussels

- extract from 'Official Journal of the European Communities. Information and Notices' 16 May 1989