Armed Forces: correspondence with army chaplains in France

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- report of conditions in France by John Cowen in 1917 and report by GS Eddy sent by JH Fowler (31 Jul 1917)

- correspondence concerns sending pamphlets to chaplains in France to be issued to the troops and about making contact with army chaplains in the Home Guard

- correspondence and report of interview with one unnamed army chaplain (undated) about the activities of the Forces in France visiting brothels and with Rev Cole on 19 Feb 1918

- correspondence concerning draft letter to be sent to Lord Derby, Secretary of State for War, from the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene about the opening of a brothel in Cayeux-sur-Mer, Somme, by the French authorities and whether it was going to be made 'out of bounds' to British troops

- correspondence relating to the measures taken by the US Army in France on the subject of US soldiers and prostitution


- proof copy 'British troops in France. Provision of tolerated brothels' Dec 1917

- 'Convalescent depot' from Chaplains to soldiers about religious services and classes in the camp' (Jul 1917)