Meliscent Shephard: correspondence 1934

Scope and Content

Papers and correspondence concerning: work to support the Punjab Suppression of Immoral Traffic Bill; papers of the All-India Women's Conference Dec 1933; reports of provision of brothels for the army in Bangalore; Indian Red Cross Society; Mrs Neville-Rolfe and possible liaison with the British Social Hygiene Council's Indian work; Shephard's work in Lahore; her consideration of the League of Nations' Social Questions' post; traffic in women in the Far East; death of Mrs Grace Human; visit to Simla; arrangements for her return to England and related financial and contractual matters; campaign against child marriage; correspondence with the International Bureau for the Suppression of Traffic in Women and Children; typescript of Shephard's speech at the International Congress of Social Morality in Budapest (with letter dated 14 Apr 1934); meetings in Geneva with the League of Nations Social Questions Section and at the International headquarters of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene; financial and accommodation arrangements in New Delhi; the Viceroy's Appeal for funds for Miss Shephard's work; typescript summary of speech by Shephard at conference on official and non-official co-operative action against the traffic in women and children in the East; report of visit to Karachi with Mr Jamshed Mehta


- 'Presidential address of Lady Abdul Qadir of Lahore at the Seventh All-India Women's Conference' Dec 1933

- 'World's YWCA News Service' Dec 1933. Geneva: YWCA

- material from 'All India Women's Conference (Eighth session Calcutta)

- 'Signposts to Social Health' by Meliscent Shephard reprinted from 'The Civil and Military Gazette' dated 7 Mar 1934

- 'Punjab Legislative Council Bill no 15 of 1934. The Punjab Suppression of Immoral Traffic Bill'

Press cuttings:

- 'Prevention of Traffic in Women: Lahore Rotary Club Address' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette', dated 13 Feb 1934 (with letter dated 8 Feb 1934)

- Earthquake and sin' from 'The Statesman' dated 22 Feb 1934

- two matrimonial columns from 'The Tribune' dated 28 and 22 Feb 1934

- 'Immoral Traffic Suppression: Lahore Women's Support for Bill' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette', dated 1 Mar 1934

- 'War on commercialized vice. Lahore women's Challenge' from 'The Tribune', dated 1 Mar 1934

- 'Parsee Lady gives RS 27 Lakhs in charity' from 'The Tribune' dated 9 Mar 1934

- 'Late Mr Rangaswamy Iyengar' from 'The Tribune'

- 'Retrospect and Prospect. League of Nations Campaign' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette' 27 Apr 1934

- 'United Provinces Governor. Sir Harry Haig Appointed' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette' dated 25 Apr 1934

- 'Care of mental defectives. Bengal Experiment' publication unidentified

- 'Radio talk by Miss Meliscent Shephard' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette', 1 Nov 1934

- 'Bills to remove two evils: beggars and traffic in women' from 'The Civil and Military Gazette' dated 26 Oct 1934