Papers relating to French organisations

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- letter concerning French projet de loi written by Miss Leppington to Sir Percy Bunting at the latter's request for the purpose of showing it to M Clemenceau, French Prime Minister

- notes from seven reports by Dr Levy Bing of St Lazare on investigations made by him at the request of the Ministries of the Interior, of Health, of Labour, of Social Assistance and Providence, and of the Prefect of Police 1935-1936

- secretary's report on visit to France 12-23 Feb 1940 by Alison Neilans

- report 'La Prostitution reglementation ou abolitionnisme' by Magdeleine Leroy Jul 1943

- carbon copy extract from circular on campaign against the tenanciers (concerns closing licensed brothels) Dec 1945

- Report by Miss A Thackeray of a study visit to France Mar-Aug 1947

- statistics and graphs showing venereal disease morbidity in France from the Ministry of Public Health 1945-1947

- reports about French law of 1946 and of Jul 1948 which abolished Regulation of Prostitution and tolerated 'brothels' and instituted a Sanitary and Social File of Prostitution

- papers (letters, statuts) relating to the International Union for Protecting Public Morality, 1951

- address / report of Mme Legrand-Falco, president of Union Francaise Contre le Trafic des Femmes ex 'Union Temporaire' 1951 and 1953

- provisional programme for General Assembly of International Union against the Venereal Diseases and the Treponematoses Sep 1955

- list of titles of journal 'Problemes' for 1955 and 1956

- minutes of meeting of General Assembly of Union Francaise Contre le Trafic des Femmes ex 'Union Temporaire' on 17 Jan 1956


- 'Pages Francaises' with English translation 'Towards a new medical Police Regulation' from International Women's News, Mar 1949

- 'Regulation in France: a new ministerial decree' pages from 'Shield' Jan 1930

- 'International notes' from 'The Catholic Citizen' Jan 1946, Jun 1949

- 'Problemes' Association generale des etudiants en medecine de Paris, Mar-Apr 1955

- leaflet 'French opinion of 'Maisons tolerees' translation of statement sent to the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in May 1940

- 'La prostitution reglementee' no 1 Cahiers de la Sante Publique

For the following publications consult The Women's Library printed collection catalogue:

- La police féminine / par J.Klees-Guillissen, [s.l.] : Bulletin de l'administration des prisons, 1950 (ref 363.22 KLE)

- 'La Prophylaxie antivenerienne : organe officiel de la Societe Francaise de Prophylaxie Sanitaire et Morale et de la Lingue Nationale', Mar 1937, Feb 1939, Jul 1939, Dec 1939, Feb 1953, May 1953 (periodicals)

- The women's bulletin : organ of the Women's Freedom League, no 35, 1949 (periodicals)

- Renovation, Paris : Cartel d'Action Morale et Sociale, nos 20-23, 1953-1954 (periodicals)

Press cuttings:

- 'Medical control of licensed brothels' from 'Lancet' Jul 1937

- 'Prohibition but no cure' from 'News Review'

- 'Beau et belles de nuit encombrent un peu trop les trottoirs de Londres' from 'La Presse' Aug 1954

- 'Une circulaire a annuler' from 'La Francaise. Journal d'education et d'action feminines' Nov 1929