Russian Women's Hostel: publications

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- 'Kristelig pressekontor 1934-1935' (Christian Press Office Norway)

- 'The Brotherhood of Russian Gideons'

- 'Sword of Gideon' (1934) (in Russian)

- 'League of Nations. Traffic in Women and Children Committee. Position of Women of Russian Origin in the Far East', Geneva, 1935

- leaflet 'The tragedy of the Russian women Refugees in China' (1935)

- 'Russian Women's Hostel an appeal' re-printed from the 'North-China Daily News' (13 Aug 1935)

- 'The tragedy of the Russian Women Refugees in the Far East' by Alison Neilans, from 'Women in Council'

- 'The refugee problem and the League of Nations. Conference given at the Nobel Institute Oslo, 7 Jan 1938' by Michael Hansson, Geneva, 1938

- British Guiana, 'Annual report of the Director of Medical services for the year 1944'

- 'Leeward Islands. Annual Medical and Sanitary Report for the year 1946', 1946

- 'Report of the Medical Department for the year 1947', Nyasaland, 1947

- 'Colony of Aden. Annual medical and sanitary report for the year ended 31 Dec 1947

- 'Colonial Annual Reports. Seychelles 1947', London: HMSO, 1948

- 'Colonial Annual Reports. Hong Kong 1947', London: HMSO, 1948

- 'Annual report of the Social Welfare Department for the year 1947', Freetown: Sierra Leone, 1948

- 'Legislative Council, Fiji. Medical department. Annual Report for 1946', 1948

- 'Colony and protectorate of Kenya. Medical Department Annual Report 1947', Nairobi, Kenya, 1949