Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights: publications

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- annual reports for 1964, 1970, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981-1983, 1985, 1986

- 'The Anti-Slavery Reporter and Aborigines' Friend', Jan 1966, Jul 1971, Nov 1976, Nov 1979, Nov 1980

- 'Anti-Slavery Reporter', vol 13, no 2, 1985 and 1989

- Anti-Slavery Society newsletters Jun and Dec 1977, Nov 1979, Mar 1981, Spring 1985, 2/1985, 2/1986, 2/1990, Feb 1993 (inserted separate reports on sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography (1991) and on forced prostitution in Turkey (1993)

- leaflet 'Constitution of the Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights' (1962)

- pamphlet 'World poverty - a world problem', address by Earl of Listowel to the Annual Meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society on 22 Jun 1964

- pamphlet 'The Aborigines of Australia. Report to the Committee by the Secretary on his visit to Australia in 1970', Anti-Slavery Society

- pamphlet 'Slavery in the Seventies' by Patrick Montgomery, reprinted from 'Reconciliation Quarterly' Dec 1976

- pamphlet 'British politics and slavery, 1830-1870', address by Dr Howard Temperley to the Anti-Slavery Society on 29 Oct 1970

- leaflet 'Slavery-still very much a reality' by Patrick Montgomery (1974)

- leaflet 'Slavery today' by Commander Thomas Fox-Pitt reprinted from 'New World' (Jan 1962)

- page from unidentified publication 'Member states and the slavery conventions' report of talk given by Commander Fox-Pitt

- pamphlet 'Why tolerate slavery?' by Commander Thomas Fox Pitt, a Union of Democratic Control publication, 1964

- leaflet 'UNESCO gift coupon programme'

- leaflet 'The Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights and its Committee for Indigenous Peoples'

- leaflet 'Anti-Slavery Society Reports Human Rights Series Child Labour Series', 1981

- pamphlet 'The last colonial frontier: the plight of the Brazilian Indians' by John Hemming, address to the 1981 Annual General Meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society, 1982

- 'Action Aid' magazine and 'Action News' May 1985 and Aug 1985