International Abolitionist Federation 32

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- provisional agenda and minutes for meeting of the International Committee on 20 Jan 1995

- report about finances by Philippe Scelles (Feb 1995) and by Henri Le Coz (18 Mar 1995)

- report of the International Abolitionist Federation and the Council of Europe for meeting of the International Committee in Mar 1995

- agenda and minutes for meeting of General Assembly on 25 Mar 1995

- agenda and minutes for meeting of International Committee on 25-26 Mar 1995

- rules for occasional representatives and rules for permanent representatives to international organisations

- photocopy of letter concerning the International Abolitionist Federation being reclassified from Category II to Category I status at the United Nations with outline of finances

- copy of Joyce Ansell's report to the Executive Committee dated 13 May 1995

- photocopy of letter from Anima Basak to International Abolitionist Federation committee members handing over business (Mar 1995)

- provisional agenda of International Committee meeting on 23 Jun 1995

- report of International Committee meeting on 23 Jun 1995

- report of activities by Joyce Ansell to Executive Committee of the Josephine Butler Society (Apr-Jun 1995)

- paper submitted to Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery 'The debate around prostitution: confusion, misunderstanding and (occasionally) lack of good faith' by Helene Sackstein

- typescript of oral statement on point 11(a) Alternative approaches and ways and means within the UN system for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by Helene Sackstein

- copy of speech 'Of boys and of girls...' by Helene Sackstein delivered to the Committee on the Convention on the Rights of Children on 23 Jan 1995

- activities of the International Secretariat Jan-Jun 1995

- letter and invitation to conference with Kathleen Barry, author of 'The Prostitution of sexuality'

- proposed order of the day of meeting of International Committee on 23 Jun 1995

- Seoul declaration for a world without sexual exploitation (15 Jun 1995)

- finances for 1995

- job descriptions for President, General Secretary etc

- outline of work carried out by Helene Sackstein, General Secretary

- report by Malka Marcovich of visit to Israel and Estonia (22 Jun 1995)

- typescript 'Des abus sexuels sur les enfants au tourisme sexuel le pedophile' from Micheline Guiton

- list of 32 London Boroughs or Corporation of London (Sep 1995)

- extracts from Street Offences Act 1959, Sexual Offences Act 1956 and 1985, and points for discussion on topic 'How should the law deal with commercial sex?'