Western Australia

Scope and Content

Mrs Rischbieth is the main correspondent

Consists of:

- carbon copy letters received from Rev JC Kirby and from Edith Cowan dated 4 Jul 1910

- correspondence concerning proposed amendments to 'Health Act' (1912-1915)

- notes by Helen Wilson on the Health Act Amendment Act 1915 with copies of Act (manuscript notes)

- report by Alison Neilans on the West Australia Health Act (Jul 1922)

- report on notified cases of venereal disease (1921)

- correspondence concerning the working of the Western Australian Health Act (compulsory measures to deal with venereal diseases) and its various amendments

- notes by Helen Wilson on the Western Australian Health Bill (1915 with letter dated 3 Nov 1916)

- correspondence concerning the work of the Women's Service League of Western Australia (Mrs Rischbieth President) opposing compulsion clauses in Health Acts

- correspondence concerning publications

- carbon copy of evidence submitted by the Women's Service guilds of Western Australia before the Royal Commission to inquire into the administration of health and building by-laws of the city of Perth (Jun 1938) with correspondence

- carbon copy list of laws relating to prostitution / solicitation for Western Australia


- 'The Police Act 1892'

- 'The Criminal Code of Western Australia and rules', Perth, 1914

- 'Health Act 1911' no 34 of 1911

- 'Health Act Amendment Act 1911' no 3 of 1912

- 'Health Act Amendment Act 1912' no 28 of 1912

- 'Health Act Amendment Act 1915' (2 copies - 1 introduced by RH Underwood)

- 'Health Act Amendment Act 1918' no 17 of 1918 (manuscript notes)

- 'Criminal Code Amendment Act no 32 of 1918

- 'Annual report for 1917 upon medical, health, factories and early closing departments' by RC Everitt Atkinson, Perth, 1918

- 'A bill for an Act to repeal Section fifty-four of the Health Act Amendment Act 1918....reprinting of the Health Act 1911 and its Amendments' 1919

- 'Health Act 1911-1919'

- 'Health Act Amendment' Act 1919' no 15 of 1919

- 'Department of Public Health', Perth, 1917

- 'The treatment and laboratory diagnosis of venereal diseases', Department of Public Health, 1917

- 'The Health Act 1911-1918. Provisions on the subject of venereal diseases', Department of Public Health, 1918

- 'Venereal diseases Act 1920' no 1442 An Act to regulate the treatment of venereal diseases and to prevent the spread of such diseases....'

- 'Sexual disease' Perth, no date

- 'How women can help. Issued by The Department of Public Health' Dec 1916

- "Boys! Do your bit' Issued by The Department of Public Health' May 1917

- 'Department of Health' Perth, 1916

- 'Social diseases. What women should know about them - and why' by Dr Platts-Mills, Department of Public Health, New Zealand

- 'Australia and the social evil' page from 'The Vote' dated 23 Mar 1917

- 'Special Correspondence. London letter. Education ideals' from 'Journal of Australia' dated 22 Mar 1919

- 'Parliamentary debates session 1919 Western Australia' nos 7, 8 and 15

- 'Minutes of the proceedings of the legislative council' 27 Oct 1920

- leaflet by Department of Public Health 'Facilities for the treatment of venereal diseases' c 1920

- 'Report for the two years ending 31 Dec 1919 upon Medical, Health, Factories and early closing departments' by RC Everitt Atkinson, Fourth session of the Tenth Parliament, Perth, 1920

- pamphlet 'Criminal Code - amendment. No 32 of 1918. An act to amend the Criminal Code'

- leaflet 'Health Act Continuation' no 12 of 1920

- leaflet 'Health. No 5 of 1922. An Act to amend the Health Act 1911-1919'

- pamphlet 'Legislation and administration in regard to venereal diseases with special reference to Western Australia' by Everitt Atkinson, Perth, 1921

- 'Annual report and balance sheet' The Women's Service Guilds of Western Australia May 1922

- 'Report of the Public Health Department for the years 1933-1934' Perth, 1935

- 'The Dawn' Women's Service Guilds of Western Australia dated 21 Dec 1938 (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy)(periodicals)

Press cuttings on the Health Act, statistics and venereal disease (1920-1923). One press cutting 'White slave traffic. Revelations at city court' from 'Daily News' dated 1 Apr 1913