Police Court Rota reports

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- the establishment of the London Police Court Rota in 1917

- correspondence and reports of cases sent by Rota members

- details of cases heard at court or reported in newspapers (cases under Regulation 40D of Defence of the Realm Act) (May 1918)

- some reports have press cuttings attached: 'Sad case of girl of 17' from 'Sussex Daily News' (1918), 'Girl sentences to death' from 'The Vote' (15 Mar 1918), 'Barmaid's futile promise' from 'The Manchester Evening News' (15 Apr 1918)

- correspondence concerning a case brought by two women against two policemen for assault (1918) (press cuttings attached)

- press cutting 'Our 'humane' prison system' (15 Jun 1918) and provisional minutes of meeting of the Penal Reform League concerning this case of alleged mistreatment of a woman in Holloway Prison Remand Hospital with proof copy of pamphlet on 'Reception Houses' by Arthur St John, paper read at the Women's Institute on 27 May 1918