Reports on Protection of Minors and Treatment for Venereal Disease

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- questionnaire on the protection of minors

- memorandum on the Ten Town Enquiry (13 Feb 1915)

- correspondence

- typed notes about visits to Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Birmingham, Liverpool, Grantham and Lincoln

- summarised reports regarding the protection of minors and treatment of venereal disease: in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull (Mar 1915); Plymouth and Devonport (24-30 Mar 1915); Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham (7 Jul 1915); Grantham and Lincoln (20-26 Jul 1915); Liverpool (27 Sep-4 Oct 1915)

- one proof copy of 'An Inquiry in Ten Towns in England and Wales into Subjects Connected with Public Morality a) The Care and Protection of Minor Girls b) Facilities for the Treatment of Venereal Disease' by FM McNeill and FJ Wakefield with an introduction by Helen Wilson (annotated)