European Parliament

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning draft resolution on violence against women introduced by the Committee on Women's Rights and debate in the European Parliament about women's rights and legalised brothels - 'European Parliament. Minutes of proceedings of the sitting of 11 Feb 1981' (PV 61 PE 71.577)

- 'Committee on Women's Rights. Catalogued Report on violence against women. A Motion for a resolution' 27 Sep 1985 and 14 Nov 1985

- 'Committee on Women's Rights. Catalogued Report on violence against women. B Explanatory statement. Rapporteur Mrs Hedy d'Ancona' 23 Sep 1985

- European Parliament Working Documents. Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Women's Rights on violence against women' 20 May 1986 (and copy in French)

- photocopy of typescript 'Summary of the debate on violence against women' and photocopy of 'Minutes of proceedings of the sitting of 11 Jun 1986'

- letter from The Fawcett Society to Miss Schwarz concerning the EEC Directive on Parental Leave, 1986

- Crew reports no 3 (Centre for research on European Women' Mar 1986


- 'Femmes d' Europe', number 42 (15 Sep-15 Nov 1985) and number 43 (15 Nov-15 Jan 1986) (in French)

- 'List of members', European Parliament, 10 Mar 1986

- information pack 'All difference all equal' Council of Europe, European youth campaign launched on 10 Dec 1994

- 'Response of the Government of the United Kingdom to the report of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or degrading Treatment of Punishment (CPT) on its visit to Northern Ireland from 20 to 29 Jul 1993', Council of Europe, 17 Nov 1993

Press cuttings:

- 'Ladies of the rights' from 'The Guardian' dated 14 Feb 1985

- 'Women seek help against growing violence' from 'EP News' Jun 1986

- 'Whores de combat', from 'The Guardian' dated 17 Sep 1986

- 'The unhappy hookers shun congress' from 'The Observer' dated 21 Sep 1986

- 'Whores' boycott' from 'The Guardian' dated 23 Sep 1986

- 'Working girls win right to carry on at Europe's red lights' from 'The Observer' dated 1 Feb 1991