Correspondence relating to the Working Party on Street Offences Act 1959

Scope and Content

Consists of correspondence concerning:

- the collection of factual evidence on the effects of the Street Offences Act eg the age at which girls and young women enter into prostitution, the increase and effects of prison sentences on prostitutes (writing to Chief Constables, probation officers and welfare workers, religious leaders, doctors)

- press cuttings with letter dated 1 Oct 1962 on women sent to prison for soliciting

- press cuttings and 'Parliamentary Debates Hansard House of Lords Official Report' London: HMSO, 1963, with Lord Stonham's questions on the operation of the Street Offences Act

- press cutting misrepresenting Lord Stonham's remarks with letter dated 10 Jul 1963

- sending out an interim report of the Working Party on Sexual Offences and about making amendments to the Sexual Offences Act 1956 (1964)