International Council of Women: Migrants and Refugees

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- copy of Joyce Ansell's report to the International Council of Women Standing Committee on migration and refugees, prostitution, kerb-crawling (1990)

- photocopy of plan of action 1991-1994 for 26th Plenary Conference Bangkok, Thailand 23-30 Sep 1991 ICW Standing Committee on Migration and Refugees (with letter dated 21 Mar 1992)

- minutes of Migration and Refugees Standing Committee Meeting held on 27 Sep 1991 and 28 Jan 1992

- report to the Standing Committee on Migration and Refugees dated 5 Feb 1992 with attachments eg press release 'Ignorance, confusion and illusion' Oct 1991 from Josephine Butler Society, resolutions adopted by Annual Meeting of Josephine Butler Society on 20 Nov 1991 and photocopy from 'United Nations Focus' on refugee women

- United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees Reports. Summary of reports concerning refugees (Feb-May 1992, Nov 1992-Mar 1993)


- 'Asylum Bill 1992', London, HMSO, 1982

- leaflet 'UNHCR four decades in the service of refugees', 1990

- leaflet 'The Dispossessed', Refugee Council, 1991

- periodical 'Refugees' numbers 64, 74, 85, May 1989, Apr 1990, May 1991

Press cuttings, dated 1991-1992, mainly loose, some glued to paper: concerning the Asylum Bill 1991, immigration, legal aid and asylum seekers, applications for refugee status. Some headlines are:

- 'Race laws 'fail to offer protection' from 'The Times' dated 7 Jun 1991

- 'Baker to consider bishops' protests on asylum bill' dated 14 Nov 1991

- 'Scandal of Heathrow's lost refugee children' from 'Observer' dated 29 Dec 1991

- 'Immigrants to keep legal aid advice' from 'The Times' dated 11 Feb 1992