Scope and Content

Concerning: attempts to introduce licensed brothels; 150th anniversary of Josephine Butler's birth; observations of the Home Office Policy Advisory Committee on Sexual Offences; Southampton proposals for regulated prostitution; alternatives to prison for prostitutes; Women's Action Act (1980); amendment to the Sexual Offences Act 1959 brought by Robert Kilroy-Silk that women convicted under this Act could not be imprisoned (1982); resolution to urge the British government to support Resolution 43 of the World Conference of the United Nations in 1980 in Copenhagen (resolution attached with papers for 1982); Criminal Law Revision Committee (1984/1985); Prohibition of Female Circumcision Bill and sex tourism (1984/1985); United Nations Decade for Women - Nairobi Conference (1986); United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1986); law on Sexual Offences (1988)