Henry J Wilson : correspondence and papers 3

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- circular letters and memoranda printed by the British Committee of the Federation for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice, and memorials addressed to the Secretary of State for India, George Hamilton, re measures to be adopted for checking the spread of venereal disease among soldiers, 1897 and 1898

- correspondence and notes re Dr William Huntly and Nasirabad Mission Hospital, ordered to vacate and leave the premises after refusing to adhere to terms of the new rules of the Indian Government relating to venereal disease, 1898

- reports from military stations in India made at the request of Henry J Wilson (1907)

- notes re regulation in India and Gibraltar, 21 May 1910

- timeline of events in India and England 1907-1911

- 'India Office: index of official correspondence respecting Indian Cantonments', 1909-1911

- 'Notes for Henry J Wilson on Indian papers by C Moore' 26 Nov 1906

- 'Abstract of Mrs Sheldon Amos' reports in India' 12 Jun 1906

- report on visits to certain military stations in India in 1907, submitted to Lord Morley in 1908 by Henry J Wilson

- copy of a letter from Dr Agnes McLaren to Mr WSB McLaren, 4 Apr 1910

- copy of a letter from Lord Morley to James Stuart re examination of prostitutes, 6 Jun 1910

- letter from HJC Turner to Henry J Wilson re behaviour of prostitutes, 10 Aug 1910

- report on the moral welfare of the British Soldier in India by Rev Joseph Reed, 1910

- synopsis of correspondence between Wesleyan Social Purity Committee and India Office, 1909-1911

- correspondence (1909-1910) between Lord Morley (India Office) and James Stuart and Henry J Wilson re parliamentary return of 1909, and the Cantonment Rules to prevent the spread of venereal diseases

- pamphlet 'Extract from the final report of the Advisory Board for Army Medical Services on the Treatment of Venereal Disease and Scabies in the Army 1906 pages 1 and 2'

- manuscript copy of the proceedings on the Cantonment Bill on 22 Jul 1897 from 'Gazette from India'

- 'receipt' for income tax for brothel housekeeper (1904)

- typescript resolution passed at a meeting of the Christian Ladies held at Hyderabad, Deccan on 28 Jan 1908 to protest against State Regulated Vice in India

- typescript petition to Sir O'Moore Creagh, Commander-in-Chief for India Elect, 1909


- pamphlet 'Miss Sandes' Soldiers' Homes. Our story for 1896', Belfast, 1897

- 'Women and Regulation. The relation of Lady Henry Somerset and other English women to State Regulation of Vice in India' by Rev Anna Garlin Spencer, New York, 1898

- leaflet 'Suffering children in India. Some sample cases' copy of letter from Miss Abrams, 1900

- pamphlet 'Indian law on the Social Evil (in Feb 1903), The Bombay Guardian (Mar 1906)

- galley proof for 'The Shield' 'The present position of regulation of vice by the State in military cantonments in India' Apr 1906

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- leaflet 'A British soldier on State Regulation of Vice', Manchester and District Association for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice [1899] (attached to letter 23 May 1906) (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- pamphlet 'The Exact Legal Position of the Regulation of Prostitution in India as set forth in the New Cantonment Code of 1 Oct 1899'. London: Friends' Association for Abolishing State Regulation of Vice, 1900 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- 'Cantonment law compared with the general law of India with regard to prostitution' / [prepared by Henry J. Wilson and Maurice Gregory](ref 305.420941 JOS)

Press cutting:

- 'Miss Agnes Slack (Special interview for the 'Journal') 19 Jan 1908

- 'India. Lord Kitchener and the Health of the Army' dated 28 Aug 1909