International Abolitionist Federation 5

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- reports of the International Abolitionist Federation for 1946 (1st report French with English translation, 7th report), 1947-1949

- statement and instructions to delegates to the International Committee of the International Abolitionist Federation (3 May 1946)

- Minutes of the meeting of the International Committee May 1946 (French with English translation)

- Suggestions for International Committee and Congress (1946)

- Circulars (Additional circular no 5 for meeting of International Committee, Circular 1946-10, Circular 1946-11, Circular 1947-1, Circular 1947-3 and 1947-4, 1948-9 (codification of the convention against procuring), 1949-1, 1949-10, 1949-11, 1949-12, 1949-14, 1949-15

- Situation Abolitionniste Mondiale ('World situation with regard to prostitution') (edition 1946, 1947, 1948)

- report of the International Committee meeting on 6 Jun 1947

- papers relating to the 17th congress of the International Abolitionist Federation 6-9 Sep 1947 (resolutions, constitution amendment, papers 'The administrative internment of persons said to be a social' by Th de Felice and manuscript report on 'The Treatment of venereal diseases voluntary or compulsory?')

- general accounts of the International Abolitionist Federation 1 Jan 1947-1 Oct 1947

- report 'Modification of the Catalogued Convention of 1937 concerning proxenitism' by Th de Felice

- memorandum on the plan of the sub committee for combating discriminative measures and for the protection of minorities dated 20 Oct 1947

- memorandum on the purpose of the commission on the rights of man dated 20 Oct 1947

- correspondence concerning translations of constitution ('Proposed amendment of part of the constitution of the International Abolitionist Federation' and 'Second draft of an international convention for suppressing the exploitation of the prostitution of others)

- accounts of the Brussels congress 1947

- typescript 'Alterations in laws concerning prostitution since the publication of Flexner's 'Prostitution in Europe' 1913 supplied by M de Felice 1947

- typescript of draft leaflet B 'What is the International Abolitionist Federation?'

- Proposal that the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene should withdraw from the International Abolitionist Federation

- proposed articles for 'Repression de la traite des femmes et enfants' (Suppression in the traffic in women and children) Sep 1948

- correspondence concerning convention against procuring (7 Sep 1948)

- letter concerning proposed text of codification of traffic conventions 1910-1937 as submitted by M de Felice

- remarks on resolution 12.1.6 (venereal diseases) of the First World Health Assembly dated 20 Oct 1948

- 'Relevement and reclassement professonnel des prostitutees' 1948

- list of countries where brothels are forbidden, tolerated brothels, regulation of prostitutes not in 'houses'

- observations of the 'projet de convention pour la repression de la traite des etres humains et de l'exploitation de la prostitution de'autru contenu dans in document E/1072 on 23 Dec 1948' (dated 9 Mar 1949)

- resolutions concerning Portugal (extract from the minutes of the meeting of the International Committee 22-23 Apr 1949)

- Short report of principal decisions taken at the International Conference of the International Abolitionist Federation (27 Apr 1949)

- remarks on the draft convention for the suppression of the traffic in persons and of the exploitation of the prostitution of others (Aug 1949)


- 'Aspects actuels de la reglementation de la prostitution. Congres de Bruxelles 6-9 Sep 1947', Secretariat de la Federation Abolitionniste Internationale

- leaflet 'Present day aspects of the regulation of prostitution' International congress at Brussels from 6-9 Sep 1947

- pamphlet 'The part men play in prostitution' by Dr A Bouman

- pamphlet 'The part men play in prostitution' by Dr Rene Biot (manuscript notes)

- programme 'Le probleme de la prostitution reglementee et ses aspects actuels' Congres International a Bruxelles du 6 au 9 Sep 1947

- leaflet 'Action forthwith against the traffic in women' (1947 convention)

- leaflet 'Aspects actuels de la reglementation de la prostitution' for International Congress at Brussels 6-9 Sep 1947