Circulars and petition forms for Repeal of Contagious Diseases Act - Northern Counties League

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- original file title sheet: 'N[ational] C[ouncil] League. Petition work 1871-1886 inclusive. File of circulars, petition forms, memorials etc.... Jul 1896'

- press cutting 'Repeal of Contagious Diseases Acts' from 'Sheffield Daily Telegraph' (8 Jun 1855)

- printed questionnaire from National Council League to assess support (1872)

- campaign leaflets (1872) and circular letters and some copies (1874-1886)

- petitions for the Wesleyan Methodist Society or chapel (published paper by Rev Robert Rainy, suggested form for pulpit notice, government regulation of social vice, state sanction of vice)(1882)

- balance sheet showing cost of petition work in 1882 and 1884

- analysis of petitions for repeal of Contagious Diseases Acts presented to the House of Commons in 1882 and 1884

- printed speech of Benjamin Scott, Chairman of London Committee for Suppression of the traffic in British Girls (1885)

- two printed letter from Josephine Butler, one addressed to Henry Wilson (1883, 1885)