Prostitution 5

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning pornographic literature

- correspondence concerning an article 'Mankoff's lusty Europe' in 'The Sunday Times' (20 Apr 1975) (press cutting attached)

- photocopy of 'Women at work' proceedings of a symposium held by the Occupational Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society on 6 Dec 1975

- correspondence relating to investigations into British girls recruited to licensed brothels in Holland and Germany

- correspondence and pamphlet reprinted article by Patrick Montgomery 'Slavery in the seventies' from 'Reconciliation Quarterly' Dec 1976

- copy of press release by Robert McCrindle MP and his proposal to amend the Street Offences Act (1978)

- correspondence concerning women and the penal system (1979)

- correspondence about the Parliamentary Human Rights Group and about the Year of the Child (1979)

- a selection of articles (mainly photocopies from'New Society') bought at a Prostitution meeting on 28 Nov 1978 'Who wants to be a sex object even if the price is right?' from 'The Guardian' 'The new red light districts' from 'New Society'

- photocopy of pages from 'Make it happy: what is sex all about' by Jane Mills (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy ref 306.70835 MIL)

Press cuttings:

- 'Secret of vice girl Sally' from 'Evening News' dated 2 Feb 1972

- 'Pride and the prostitute' (publication unidentified 1975)

- 'The Prostitutes. Why Henry and Margaret care for an army of call girls they've never seen...' from 'Evening Echo' dated 14 Nov 1975

- photocopy of press cuttings 'Tax terror of sex star' from 'The Guardian' dated 24 Aug 1979