United States of America : Correspondence

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence concerning the health of the American army in Europe

- report on conference at Royal Institute of Public Health on 'prevention of venereal disease in the army'

- 'Report of a conference of officers of the US Army, Navy and Public Health Service etc on the prevention of venereal diseases in the army and naval encampments and civil population (1917) with facsimile of card given to women arrested and treated as prostitutes and bail refused

- letters concerning Social Morality Conference in New York in Oct 1918 (minutes of meeting)

- copy of 'Synopsis of Michigan State Board of Health activities in Suppression of Spread of Venereal Disease' (1918)

- report of Judge Lindsey's Meeting on 10 Apr 1918

- copies of letters (one printed) from Senator Edwin E Grant on the Bone Dry Amendment and Redlight Abatement Law

- letters concerning the campaign of the Night Church 1918 with leaflet

- letters concerning a Bill for the prevention of venereal diseases in the District of Columbia (copy of Bill attached with letter dated 22 Sep 1921)

- material for Conference of National and State Officers of the Woman's Party Nov 1922

- information about the National League of Women Votes (Oct 1923)

- marked copy of 'The Shield' Mar-Apr 1924

- pamphlet 'Is monogamy feasible? Speeches The Nation Dinner 23 Jan 1925'

- 'The Women's Bureau. Washington Metropolitan Police' by Rhoda J Milliken from 'The Policewoman's Review' c 1929