Prostitutes and licensed clubs

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- papers relating to the removal of the words 'common prostitute' and 'reputed prostitutes' from Licensing Acts - that all women should have the same rights as men to eat and drink in all places of public refreshment

- paper on the basis of evidence for submission to the Licensing Commission (Mar 1930)

- papers relating to certain restaurants, cafes etc that refuse to serve women if unaccompanied by a man at specified hours with flyer for protest meeting held on 4 Apr 1930 organised by St Joan's Social and Political Alliance with list of supporting organisations


- 'Women and licensing laws' by Alison Neilans from 'The Catholic Citizen', vol 14 no 2, 15 Feb 1930

Press cutting:

- 'Restaurant ban on women. Mass protest meeting this week. Escort rule' from 'Yorkshire Post' (2 Apr 1930)