Meliscent Shephard: correspondence 1933

Scope and Content

Papers and correspondence concerning: venereal disease in the army; the Bengal Suppression of the Immoral Traffic Act, 1933; visits to Lahore, Simla and Madras; Berlin conference; formation of Association for Moral and Social Hygiene (India); census figures for venereal disease and prostitution and procuration; methods of publicity; possible worker for Madras


- postcard of the Legislative Buildings, Delhi

- postcard of P & O Electric Ship Strathnaver


- pamphlet 'An Enquiry into certain public health aspects of village life in India' by Major-General Sir John Megaw. Simla: Government of India Press, 1933

-'Methods of dealing with commercialised prostitution' by Meliscent Shephard, Central Social Service League, Delhi

- 'The Bengal Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act 1932. By Babu JN Basu. The Report of the Select Committee with The Bill as amended by them, annexed), Government of Bengal. Bengal Legislative Council Department, Feb 1933

- 'The Bengal Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act 1933', Government of Bengal. Bengal Legislative Council Department

Press cuttings:

- 'Traffic in vice to be suppressed. Bengal decision: Bill carried without a division' from 'The Statesman' dated 2 Apr 1933

- 'Evils of commercialized prostitution: rational method of dealing with it' by Meliscent Shephard from 'The National Call' [May 1933]

- 'Traffic in women in the east. Egypt's lead in fighting social evil' from 'The Statesman' dated 18 Jun 1933

- 'Fighting social evil. Indian delegates at Berlin conference' from 'The Statesman' dated 15 Jul 1933