Meliscent Shephard correspondence

Scope and Content

Mainly copies of correspondence with Meliscent Shephard. Originally filed in five ring binders. Four binders were indexed and page numbered.

Volume 2 contains publications:

- 'A statement for chaplains', Calcutta 1929 (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy ref 349.54052534 STA)

- 'Scheme for dealing with venereal diseases in Calcutta and Bengal' Sep 1929

- 'Achieving social purity' by Meliscent Shephard with manuscript notes

- 'Report of Miss Shephard's work in India' reprinted from 'The Shield' Jan 1931 (consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue for copy 305.420941 JOS)

Volume 3 contains publications:

- 'Indians abroad' by Benardsidas Chaturvedi

- 'All India Women's Conference, Lahore, 1931. Resolutions on social reform'

- pamphlet in Hindi

- 'Achieving social purity' by Meliscent Shephard, reprinted from 'Woman's Outlook', Mar 1931 (see GB 106 AMS/C/05/05 for copy)

Volume 4 is not indexed. Publications:

- leaflet 'India's movement towards moral equality'

- press cutting 'Equlaity of men and women' from 'The Statesman' 21 Feb 1933

- printed letter from Meliscent Shephard dated Feb 1933

Volume 5 is not indexed.

- printed letter dated Nov 1933