Joint Committee on Sexual Offences against children

Scope and Content

Joint Committee representing 14 national organisations was established as a result of a conference organised by the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene in Nov 1932 on the subject 'Sexual offences against children'. First meeting of the Joint Committee was held on 26 Jan 1933. Lady Nunburnholme was Chair and Mrs Neville-Rolfe was Vice-Chair.

Consists of:

- signed minutes of meetings (26 Jan 1933-29 Oct 1935)

- reports of the Joint Committee (Jul and Oct 1933)

- recommendations of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene Criminal Law Amendment Sub-Committee which met on 25 Oct 1933

- report of a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on 19 Jul 1934

- carbon copy of deputation to the Secretary of State for Home Affairs on the protection of children from sex offences. Survey of the objects of the deputation outline of speech for introduction (27 Feb 1935) with circular letter about deputation

- memorandum on the need to define the term 'mental' and other matters in the Criminal Justice Bill (Feb 1939)

- reports of press cuttings of assault cases and of health and venereal diseases from Jun to Sep 1945

- carbon copy reports on the law and sexual offences against girls and on sexual offenders (1948)

- correspondence with statistics of criminal offences including sexual offences

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- pamphlet 'Sexual offences against young children. A call to action', reprinted from 'The Shield', Sep 1934 (ref 364.1530941 SEX)

- leaflet 'Sexual offences against young persons. Memorandum for magistrates', the Joint Committee on Sexual Offences, Dec 1935 (ref 364.1530941 SEX)

- leaflet 'A memorandum on the need for a medical mental examination of persistent sexual offenders' by RD Gillespie, the Joint Committee on Sexual Offences, Dec 1935 (ref 616.8583 GIL)

- leaflet 'Report of the Joint Committee on Sexual Offences', Dec 1935 (with list of societies represented on the Committee) (ref 345.0253 REP)

Press cuttings glued on paper (1935-1949) concerning cases of assaults on girls, deputation to Home Secretary, new laws to punish sexual offenders