1931 General Election: letters from Parliamentary candidates

Scope and Content

The Association for Moral and Social Hygiene decided not to send out its official circular to Parliamentary candidates because of the exceptional circumstances in which the General Election in 1931 was being held. Instead it sent a suggested questionnaire which asked Parliamentary candidates whether they would support the Public Places (Order) Bill which would repeal the Solicitation laws

Folder contains letters and some signed questionnaires from Parliamentary candidates, and a list of names who sent sympathetic replies

Letters from:

Rev Percy Bishop of Blackburn

EB Clothies

William Davison

J Clarr

Fitzroy W Hickin[borton]

Sir Patrick Ford

LA Floyd

Edgar Glanville

Sir Henry Jackson

Mrs Isabel McKeown with letter from J Locker Lampion

Major AJ Muirhead

Agnes [Got](with leaflet advertising John Galsworthy)

N Pollard

Moyra Crossley for Sir Rennel Rodd

Walter Runciman

Sir Frank Sanderson

Francis Spring Rice

Arthur Steel

Mrs MAS Taylor

Alfred Knox


- circulars of the League of Nations Union with information about the International Conference on disarmament

- part of original box file