Venereal diseases 1

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- typed copy of letter from Josephine Butler and James Stuart to Saul Solomon in Cape Town on the Sanitary Act being applied to the venereal disease (27 Jan 1879)

- papers relating to the Ladies' National Association Memorial with reference to venereal diseases (1903) with manuscript notes and letters (one from Anna de Priestman 1873, and from Rev John Harvard 1874) and manuscript memorial to Thomas Ellis concerning examination of women and registration for prostitution (c 1888)

- letter from Alice Mclaren to Wilson concerning lock hospitals and their difficulties (1 Sep 1899)

- manuscript notes on workhouses compiled from replies from rescue workers to National Union of Women Workers (1910)

- manuscript and typed notes on hospital accommodation for women and men and provision of venereal disease in workhouse hospitals (1911)

- correspondence concerning compulsory detention of those suffering with venereal disease and suggestions put forward by Helen Wilson and John Burns, President of the Local Government Board which public authorities could implement against venereal disease

- statistics of return of cases of venereal diseases chargeable to the Boards of Guardians in England and Wales on 1 Jul 1911

- copy of letter from Helen Wilson to John Burns on the seriousness of gonorrhoea (11 Aug 1913)

- summary of evidence of Helen Wilson for the Royal Commission on Venereal Disease (1914) and related correspondence

- invitation to the inaugural meeting of the National Council for Combatting Venereal Diseases on 11 Nov 1914

- correspondence relating to a campaign to prevent Plymouth Town Council passing a resolution in favour the Contagious Diseases Acts (1914)

- correspondence concerning health insurance and venereal disease (1915)

- correspondence concerning the desire for special regulations (13B) for treating venereal disease in Folkestone (1916)

- correspondence concerning Regulation 35C being added to the Defence of the Realm Act under Order in Council (1917) and deputation to Prime Minister David Lloyd George

- copy of report on 'Disease in the Army - facts' 1917

- correspondence with the Temporary Health Committee of the League of Nations to consider treatment of venereal disease in a country which is against regulation of prostitution (1921)

- papers relating to a bill concerning prostitution and the prophylaxis of venereal diseases drawn up by M President le Portteven (1926)


- pamphlet 'Chapter 96 from Contagious Diseases Act 1869'

- leaflet 'Memorandum on method of dealing with venereal disease. Drawn up by a Committee appointed in virtue of a resolution passed at the Annual Conference of the British, Continental and General Federation held in London 11-14 Jul 1894' (1894)

- printed letter 'Re Enquiry into the prevalence and effect of venereal disease in this country' (1911)

- carbon copy of paper by Helen Wilson 'Principles applied to the prevention of venereal diseases' reprinted from Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Heath, Jun 1911

- pamphlet 'Notes on administrative measures against enthetic disease' by HM Wilson, second edition, 1911

- pamphlet Local Government Board 'Report on Venereal Diseases' by Dr RW Johnstone with an introduction by the Medical Officer of the Board', London: HMSO, 1913

- pamphlet 'The Dangers of Syphilis and the question of state control. A paper presented to the International Congress of Medicine, London 1913 by Ernest Gaucher and H Gougerot, London, 1914

- 'Precis of evidence prepared by Mrs Robert Peel Wethered to lay before the Royal Health Commission (May 1914)

- pamphlet for National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases with constitution and inaugural lecture by Sir Thomas Barlow on 11 Nov 1914

- leaflet draft of suggested constitution of the National Council for Combating Venereal Diseases (1914) with printed letter

- pamphlet 'Venereal Diseases. Circulars issued by the Local Government Board on 13 Jul 1916 ... memorandum by the Medical officer of the Local Government Board on the Organisation of Medical Measures', London: HMSO, 1916

- pamphlet 'Proposed scheme for the diagnosis and treatment of venereal disease prepared by the medical officer of health in conformity with the order of the Local Government Board', Liverpool: Tinling & Co Ltd, 1916

- pamphlet 'Report of the finance committee on the sanitary committee's proposed scheme for the treatment of venereal diseases', Manchester, 1917

- policy of the Society for Prevention of Venereal Disease on self-disinfection (1922)

- pamphlet 'Public Health Services in Austria' by Herman Schroetter, League of Nations Health Organisation (1923)

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

- leaflet 'Venereal disease and regulation in their relation to alleged physical deterioration in the British Islands' (1904) (ref 614.5470941 WIL)

- pamphlet 'Preventative hygiene. An account of the Brussels International Conferences 1899 and 1902 by an English member', third edition, Jun 1909 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- 'The Shield', vol 13, no 130, Aug 1911 (periodicals)

- pamphlet 'A summary of the report of the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases', reprinted from 'The Shield', Apr 1916 (ref 614.5470941 SUM)

- leaflet 'The prevention of venereal disease', reprinted from 'The Shield', Oct 1916 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- leaflet 'Prevention of venereal diseases: Should dangerous persons be detained?' by Helen Wilson, the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, Dec 1916 (ref 305.420941 JOS)

- First report of the Commissioners / Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases, London : HMSO, 1914 (ref 614.5470941 GRE)

(Note: Some papers of Henry J Wilson were removed from this folder and placed with his other papers see 3HJW)