Investigation and Organisation Sub-committee

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 15 Dec 1915 to 8 Jun 1926

Meetings were initially every month, and then every two months (only one meeting in 1923)

Minutes for 31 Oct 1917 - proposal that the Investigation and Organisation Sub-committee should amalgamate with the Parliamentary Sub-committee

Minutes for 14 Dec 1917 - first meeting of the Investigation, Organisation and Parliamentary Sub-committee

Minutes for 21 Sep 1922 - Investigation, Organisation and Parliamentary Sub-committee to amalgamate with the Special Effort Sub-committee to become the General Purposes Sub-committee (for list of members see minutes for 28 Jul 1922 special meeting)


- inquiry about prostitution in the Waterloo district

- Canadian troops in Folkestone

- setting up an educational lecture series

- inquiry in London Boroughs along the lines of the Ten Town Inquiry

- Criminal Law Amendment Bill (minutes for 9 Nov 1917)

- to put brothels out of bounds for British troops in France (minutes for 26 Feb 1918)

- proposed deputation to Commissioner of Police to urge for the employment of more women police, and of women special constables (minutes for 1 Oct 1918)

- lectures in London County Council schools (minutes for 14 Oct 1919)

- Bastardy Bill 1920 (minutes for 4 Mar 1920)

- editorial in 'The Shield' on birth control (minutes for 5 Jul 1922)

- discussion of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill (minutes for 28 Jul 1922)

- consideration of an international conference, and for the translation of the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene's leaflets into French and German (minutes for 2 Oct 1924)

- committee of inquiry into the solicitation laws and question of deputation to the Home Secretary (minutes for 6 Oct 1925)

- discussion about format of the Annual Meeting (minutes for 26 Mar 1925)

- Public Places Order Bill presented by Lady Astor (minutes for 8 Jun 1926)

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