Employment of Women Police Part 3

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- letter concerning amendment to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 to ensure that statements taken from girls should be carried out by women police

- correspondence relating to the need for additional policewomen

- note on women police in Great Britain by Miss Tancred prepared for the British National Committee, 1938

- memorandum showing the need for women patrols as a branch of National Service (21 Jul 1939)

- copy of Home Office circular on the enrolment of Women's Auxiliary Police Corps (WAPC) and about the question of protective equipment (1939)

- correspondence concerning the Women Police Campaign Committee 1940 (with leaflet)

- report of the Women Police and Patrols sectional committee held on 18 Feb 1942

- notes on the progress of women police 1941-1943 (author unidentified)

- concerning conference of National Organisations on the need for more women police held on 10 Mar 1944 (with leaflet)

- concerning Home Office circular no 96/1944 on Policewomen - reports on the history of the Metropolitan Women Police (1946) and on women police in Northern Ireland (latter by Miss MacMillan)(1949)

- table of government circulars relating to women police (1921-1942)