Armed Forces Part 2: correspondence and papers relating to venereal disease

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- statistics of venereal diseases in the Royal Air Force for years 1921 to 1929, comparison of ratios of syphilis between British and French Home armies, the British Army in India (1882-1929), British Navy home stations (1884-1929), the Navy years 1904-1929, comparisons between cases of venereal disease in the British army stationed at home and the British troops in India (some manuscript tables 'From Jeffery's returns', proof sheet for a pamphlet later omitted by Henry Wilson on figures of admissions to hospital for venereal diseases in the Home Army)

- carbon copy of 'Some causes of abolitionist success in England' (1903)

- correspondence relating to a piece in the 'Daily Worker' 1932 (enclosed) about the use of brothels in Calcutta by British soldiers and the Regimental Order issued in 1928 stating that this was acceptable

- fact-finding for Miss Florence Wakefield about licensed houses in Cairo and if any brothels are reserved for British soldiers (20 Jan 1934)

- report on regulation in Egypt and the British Army by Florence Wakefield (1934)

- carbon copy report on the British army in Egypt

- statistics of recruits rejected or discharged from the army for venereal diseases, and home army and Royal Air Force admissions to hospitals (1884-1935)

- correspondence concerning 'in bounds' areas in Cairo

- correspondence concerning the moral welfare of British troops in Northern China (1935)

- correspondence concerning the efficacy of prophylactics in reducing cases of venereal disease (1937)


- pamphlet 'Notes on administrative measures against enthetic disease' by Helen Wilson, 2nd edition, 1911 (manuscript notes)

- pamphlet 'Effect of repeal on the British Army' from 'Notes for speakers on the work and principles of Josephine Butler', the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, 1928 (manuscript notes)

- pamphlet 'Venereal diseases' 6th edition, 1929 (intended for personal use of the British soldier not for publication)

- pamphlet 'Health of the navy and the army 1925-1928. The futility of the prophylactic packet', reprinted from 'The Shield', Apr 1930 (amendments)

- pamphlet 'Health memoranda for British soldiers in India', Calcutta, Government of India Press, 1930 (not for sale)

- pamphlet 'Soldiers', sailors' and airmen's institutes' Church of England 47th annual report, 1938

- pamphlet 'Venereal diseases' 1937 reprint (intended for personal use of the British soldier not for publication)

- pamphlet 'Health memoranda for British soldiers in India', Simla: Government of India press, 1938

For following publication consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue :

- leaflet 'Venereal diseases in the army, navy and air force' extract from 'The Shield', 1936 (ref 614.547088359 VEN)

Press cuttings:

- 'Life in the British Army in India' from 'Daily Worker' (9 Jan 1932)(with letter dated 28 Jan 1932)

- two press cuttings glued to paper: one on recruitment in army in 1898 ('Glasgow Herald' (9 Apr 1898); the other on the letter published in the 'Daily Worker' (1932 above)