Age of consent 2

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence with Valerie Riches of The Responsible Society and Victoria Gillick concerning petition to lobby Parliament for statutory parental right to be consulted before contraceptives are given to daughters who are aged under 16

- correspondence with Victoria Gillick about biographies on Josephine Butler and review of Gillick's book 'A mother's tale' which has references to Butler (for copy of 'A mother's tale' London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1989 consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue ref 261.83666 GIL)


- Bulletin of the Responsible Society nos 6, 21, 22 Winter 1972, Autumn 1977, Winter 1977

- newsletters of The Responsible Society 'Family Bulletin' (1977, 1984, 1985, nos 40, 44, 46, 48 1986, no 49, 1987, no 74 1993/1994, no 75 1994)

Press cuttings:

- 'For the protection of adolescents' (10 Mar 1976) (publication unidentified) plus two printed letters

- 'Gillick: the anxiety and opposition grow' from 'The Times' dated 19 Jun 1985 and other cuttings on Gillick's appeal to House of Lords that parental consent should be sought by doctors if prescribing contraceptives to under 16s