New York

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence about sending literature

- correspondence about requests for information about methods of dealing with venereal diseases and prostitution


- 'Syphilis in pregnancy' reprint no 46 from Venereal Disease Information vol 15, no 3, Mar 1934, Washington : 1934

- 'Standard treatment procedure in early syphilis' reprinted no 47 Venereal disease information vol 15, no 4, Apr 1934, Washington : 1934

- 'The modern background of syphilis control' by Joseph Earle Moore, State and Local Committees on Tuberculosis and Public Health State Charities Aid Association 1936

- leaflet 'Instructions for persons having syphilis' New York State Department of Health

- leaflet 'Instructions for persons suffering from gonorrhoea' New York State Department of Health

- 'Healthy manhood', New York State Department of Health

- 'Readers Digest. Combatting early syphilis' by John H Stokes, New York State Department of Health

- 'The Great Imitator', Metropolitan Health Pamphlets, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

- 3 issues of 'Health News' nos 11-13, Mar 1937

Press cuttings on syphilis education programme, sex education, and radio ban lifted on talk on venereal diseases, alleged call girls, prostitution and free penicillin for venereal disease. 'Facts about syphilis and gonorrhoea...' page from 'Daily News' dated 31 Jan 1936