Status of Women Committee

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- Mrs Bligh Scrutton's correspondence concerning annual subscription of Josephine Butler Society to Status of Women Committee, information about conference or discussion meeting, leaflets 'Manifesto of the Status of Women Committee' General Election 1950, 1951, 1955

- leaflets 'Manifesto of the Status of Women Committee' and 'Aims of the Status of Women Committee'

- lists of names and addresses of committee members

- correspondence concerning Joyce Ansell becoming the Josephine Butler Society's representative on the Status of Women Committee (1978) and circular letter with annotation about winding up the organisation in 1982. Manuscript notes by Ansell about where to deposit these papers

- one agenda for 12 Nov 1979 with manuscript notes

Minutes of main committee and of Annual General Meetings, and circular letters to members, were weeded and can be consulted at 5SWC/A/1 and 5SWC/A/2