1922 General Election: Questions to and replies from successful Parliamentary candidates

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- questionnaires returned from successful Parliamentary candidates regarding their views on solicitation laws - some signed or with accompanying letter and/or election leaflets

- analysis of questionnaire results

- lists of Members of Parliament who agreed with the questionnaire

- copy of 'The Shield' (Mar-Apr 1924) with piece referring to the 1922 election (manuscript notes)

Replies from (based on annotated typed list enclosed):

Thomas Ackroyd

Frederick Astbury

Captain Erskine Bolst

CW Bowerman

F Broad

WM Bromfield

James Brown

HM Butler (letter)

Robert Burford

John Cairns (Parliamentary leaflet)

A Clarke

J Compton

Richard Davies

Charles Duncan

Sir Walter De Frece

Leonard Franklin

CS Garland

Joseph Gibbons

Mr W Greaves-Lord

J George Hancock

John H Harris (with letter and Parliamentary election leaflet)

Mr FC Harrison (letter)

Edward Hemmend


A Hill

John Hinds

Arthur Holbrook

Captain Austin Hudson (with letter)

W Hutchinson (with letter)

G Isaacs

Robert Jackson (with letter)

W Jenkins

Harcourt Johnstone

R Newbald Kay

TW Kelly

Captain Kennedy

HD Lorimer

T Lowth

Courtenay Mansell (with letter)

HM Meyler

WC Moore Brabazon

RC Morrison (with letter)

TE Nayler

W Paling

Harper Parker

John Remer

A Rendall

WC Robinson

Ben Tillett (with letter)

Charles Trevelyan (letter)

TP Viant

Syndey Wells

William Whiteley

James Wignall

Tom Williams

Cecil Wilson

M Wintringham